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pink pipe in ceiling taken from below, ceiling is cut out in a square to show the pipe inside the celing

Pipe Leak Causing Floor Damage

A broken pipe burst in this home and caused a lot of flooring damage. Water can affect different floorings in different ways. Wood floors suffer the most from a water loss and can soak up a lot of water in a short period of time, but it can be saved if mitigated quickly. 

top of stairs landing covered in a bunch of debris from the ceiling after a pipe broke, carpet floors, looking on toward room

Pipe Breaks Over Stairs

Can you imagine coming home to this mess? This is exactly what this Memphis homeowner experienced. An overhead water pipe had broken flooding the hallway. The water also ran down the stairs depositing debris along the way. Our SERVPRO technicians worked quickly to clean up all the debris in order place air movers on the carpet and walls to insure they were dry.  

beige walls in a house, doorway frame covered in plastic sheeting and taped at all sides to contain damage in a small area

Containment For The Win

We work hard to contain our processes so the mess that comes before the beauty is held within its own smaller area. This containment method makes the most visible difference when visible dirt like soot is involved, but it helps in any situation. After a storm, fire, or water disaster, this simple step of setting up a work space makes the whole process smoother so we don't end up having to back track and clean an area that had no damage.

yellow hall, small silver drinking fountains in the wall, brown hall doors, green SERVPRO air movers on the floor

Drinking Fountain Restoration

The damage from the broken pipe caused all the drywall underneath to crumble and fall apart. The rest of the wall was very wet too. We added our air movers to dry out the wall. The main concern was keeping mold from growing inside the property. Using air movers and dehumidification we were able to keep mold from growing and the wall dried within a couple of days.

It wasn't long before we had the whole place put back together. The employees were very thankful to have their bathrooms and fountains back in use.

wood floor with SERVPRO drying equipment, dark wood floors and white counters and cabinets, floors flooded from pipe bursting

Showroom Saved

These wood floors seemed to be lost when water flooded the area from a broken pipe in the ceiling above the showroom. When wood gets wet it can be ruined if not dried correctly. The surface of the wood will dry too quickly not allowing for water underneath to escape. The result is that the corners of the wood will raise causing cupping. If remediation is not taken quickly then mold will start to grow on the under side of the wood.

office building, gray carpeted floors, green SERVPRO air movers on the ground, shelves and cabinets on the sides of the aisle

Storm Pushes Floodwaters Inside

Pictured here is an office that suffered water damage when a severe storm pushed flood waters into the facility. We moved as fast as we could to dry the office and repair all the damage caused by the water.

commercial building, red and white brick, tree on the left, taken in winter, small snowfall on ground

Full Demo After Fire

This commercial facility suffered moderate damage due to a fire. We went in and did a full demo of the damaged area. After the facility was restored and returned to operation, the owners told us they were amazed at the speed and quality of the work!

wet, flooded tile throughout the mall area where SERVPRO had a water damage call, white tile, reflection of lights, dark room

Keeping Workplace Disruption to a Minimun

Water damages do cause disruption, but our goal is to keep businesses operating as fully as possible to prevent further financial losses to business owners. To allow the store to greet customers throughout the day, a drying plan was devised that used minimum equipment during business hours, so customers and employees could be safely inside. At the end of each day, after the store closed, additional drying equipment was set to maximize and hasten drying. By identifying our customer’s greatest concern that business interruption be held to a minimum, we were able to work around their needs and create another extremely happy commercial customer.

behind a jewelry counter, cabinet doors open, SERVPRO green air movers on the ground airing the area out

SERVPRO Rescues Jewelry Store

A local jewelry store in the mall had water damage caused by a plumbing leak affecting most of the store. Our crews arrived quickly to begin extraction of standing water from the floor surfaces. We removed the wet base and vented the walls in order to get air flowing behind the walls to accelerate the drying process. This process allowed us to dry the walls from behind, saving existing wallpaper and sheetrock.

clean, like new, sparkly silver candlestick, cleaned by SERVPRO technicians, close up in a warehouse

Silver Candlestick Thought to be Lost in Fire

The amount of damage that was done to this candlestick caused the homeowner and the insurance agent to think it would be impossible or expensive to replace. The insurance agent called SERVPRO of East Memphis to see what we could do about it and assured them that it could be restored. It was the cleaning of this candlestick that proved to the homeowner that we could clean their entire home of the smoke and soot damage. We then helped them restore the home to its previous condition. We are always happy to help those who have suffered from a fire.

small room for church worship with SERVPRO air movers and HEPA filters on the carpeted floor

Carpet Cleaning

We service carpets in smaller commercial properties, like this one. We got a call to come to a local worship center after water damage and fixed them up in a jiffy.

microbial growth on bedroom wall next to white closet door, spanning halfway up the wall, dark microbial growth

Water Damage Sometimes Brings Hidden Problems

Water Damage that is not properly dried has the potential to cause microbial growth, pictured here, on this bedroom wall. We, at SERVPRO of Southeast Memphis, know this potential, so we monitor our water jobs for leftover moisture and repeat the drying process until we see ideal numbers on our moisture meters.

large carpeted room with cylinder pillars, carpet is retro looking with different shapes and colors

Commercial Large Scale Loss Jobs

We clean residential and commercial properties after storms cause flooding and structural damage— like this local commercial building. Because we have the resources of a large team, we are able to take on jobs, both big and small.

insulation fallen from the roof when water leaked up in the top floor, pink insulation all over the bed, window in background

Insulation Nightmare

Nobody wants to wake up in a bed full of insulation! Our team can clean and restore damage even after the worst storms cause unforeseen damage. We are Here to Help®.

SERVPRO veteran wiping a brown writing desk after fire damage in contents repair warehouse

When There's No Replacement, We Restore!

We did our very best to restore this writing desk after a fire, and our customer was very pleased with our work. When there is no replacement, we try our very best to make it like new again. 

Holiday Inn Express brick building entrance with a green SERVPRO box truck out front, blue sky

Local Hotel Water Damage : Restored

When this local hotel had water damage in multiple rooms, our SERVPRO team sprung into action. We cleaned, dried the scene, and replaced items quickly to get those rooms ready for guests again.

underneath a carport looking at the basement doors, rubble from a fire, exposed wood beams above, black soot on ground

Fire in the Basement

Fire damage leaves rubble in its wake, but it doesn't have to stay that way for long. Our team is available 24 hours, so call us anytime of the day or night at (901) 382-0900. 

green SERVPRO air movers in a carpeted hallway of a commercial building with many doors down the hallway

Air Movers Save the Day

Drying is a big part of our water damage cleaning process. These air movers help circulate air so the HEPA filters can filter the air. The HEPA machines also warm the temperature of the area which promotes faster dry times.

blue lockers in a hallway with HEPA filters and Air movers, ceiling tiles are missing, floor is brown

Lockers Receive New Life After School Fire

This Memphis Elementary School had fire damage throughout the building. Our team cleaned the whole facility, including cleaning and replacing lockers. Our before and after video is on our social profiles.

elementary school theatre damaged after fire, missing ceiling tiles, from the back of the room, looking onto auditorium

Local Memphis Elementary School Theatre Fire Damage Restoration

This Memphis Elementary School had significant fire damage throughout the building, but primarily in the basement. The smoke, however, circulated throughout the building and left damage in the ceiling tiles, as well as other parts of this auditorium. The renovation took about a year.

puddles of water on the cement floor of a warehouse with pallets of wood

Water Damaged Warehouse Cleanup

Your business's warehouse is an important space because it houses the materials it takes to make your business run smoothly. Don't risk those precious items by waiting to make the call to SERVPRO of Southeast Memphis for restoration help. 

fire damage and insulation in an attic, window in the background, exposed beams and studs

Attic Fire Damage Restoration

It's no secret that fire travels upward, reaching and spreading quickly to other parts of the house, and that sometimes means the attic. We, at SERVPRO of Southeast Memphis, can restore even small spaces, like attics.

racks of air movers and hepa filters, SERVPRO green, all in order in a warehouse

Resources for Large Restoration Jobs

Why choose SERVPRO of Southeast Memphis? Because we have the resources for large jobs. Pictured is some of the equipment we use for water damage restoration jobs. We call the devices on the middle shelves, "Snails."

stove and burned wall behind it, moving up to the cabinet above the stove's back burner

Don't Put Fire Prevention On the Back Burner

Make sure to stay in the room when cooking on the stove, especially when flammable objects reside above the burners. Thankfully, we are able to take steps toward restoring stove fire damage.

fire damage on vertical metal beams from the inside of a wall, all surroundings are burned

Metal Beams Exposed After Fire

Fires can rip anything in its path, including walls. Sometimes, SERVPRO workers will have to expose more parts of the wall to make sure we get a good, clean fix to the damage when we restore and reconstruct it.

Water damage from sprinkler, ceiling, white popcorn ceiling

Sprinkler Water Damage on Popcorn Ceiling

When sprinklers go off due to a fire, the smoke is no longer the only major damage in a facility. Now, water damage and potential microbial growth and things that need to be considered. 

school; storm damage; large loss; restoration; water damage

Large Storm Damage Restoration at School

We have the supplies and expertise to help after a major natural disaster, including large desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers, and a nimble workforce. With teams in Florida, Texas and Tennessee — we are Here to Help® 

green air movers drying out hardwood floor in a commercial building

Water Damaged Commercial Facility

This commercial facility was damaged when a pipe broke upstairs and leaked into the ceiling. The ceiling then fell and water poured into the downstairs area. We repaired the break and cleaned up the water before restoring the facility.

ceiling beams in a home in Memphis

Mold in Ceiling

A leak under the bathroom sink above this room caused the floor to be constantly wet. The moist environment caused mold to start growing. The homeowner told us she was thankful that we addressed all her concerns and put her mind at ease.

commercial facility in Memphis

Fire in Commercial Facility

This commercial facility suffered moderate damage due to a fire. We went in and did a full demo of the damaged area. After the facility was restored and returned to operation, the owners told us they were amazed at the speed and quality of the work!

green air movers drying tile floor in commercial building

Air Movers used for Water Loss

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for any type of water restoration emergency. The church suffered from water loss after a pipe break.  The team used air movers to dry the halls quickly. Contact us anytime for your restoration needs.